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Owners of hotels, guesthouses
and lodges

Learn how to reach
80% direct bookings

✅  Create Your Business Plan


✅  Create and Maintain Your Website


✅  Master Your Pricing Strategy

✅  Perfect Your Marketing


✅  Choose and Use the Right Tools


✅  Build Customer Loyalty Easily

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Marketing Mastered

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Unlimited Forever

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How does it work?

What is it?

The Ododo Accelerator is an E-Learning course to teach you how to effectively market your establishment?

Who is it for?

If you primarily deal in tourist accommodation then the Ododo Accelerator is for you - no prior knowledge needed!

Where is it happening?

Everywhere! You just need a working internet connection and you can take it from anywhere in the world!

What do I do?

You watch the videos and do the work using the tools and documents provided. Any questions you've got ask the community.

When does it begin ?

Whenever you want ! Go through the program at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you want. You have lifetime access! There's only one rule: do not skip steps!

Is it really free?

Yes ! The training was bought by Amenitiz who wanted to make it free for all anyone interested! It was previously billed €2000!

They achieved their goals thanks to this training
(videos in French)

Our training program

By following the training step by step and in sequential order, you will increase your turnover and direct bookings and pay less commissions to OTAs. In short, you will professionalize your marketing!

Click on the weeks below to discover the modules.

Reprogram your mindset

Objective 1: Teach you different techniques to organize and optimize your time and productivity.
Objectice 2: Empower you and help put you in a productive mindset.

Module 1: The Dark Force Holding You at the Heels (47 minutes)
Module 2: Facing Your Demons (60 minutes)
Module 3: Dualism & the Conflict of Man (56 minutes)
Module 4: Open Your Eyes (38 minutes)
Module 5: Personal Alchemy (47 minutes)
Module 6: A New Paradigm (42 minutes)
Module 7: Reprogram Yourself (55 minutes)

They are also rocking it with the training!
(videos in French)

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