Mastering Digital Strategy in Hospitality

This course is designed to equip you with left-field strategies, from Google Ads mastery to blogger collaborations, SEO leveraging to early-stage booking strategies. Become a digital savant in the hospitality sector and redefine your business success.


Who Should Take This Course: - Aspiring and established hoteliers looking to dominate the digital space. - Marketing and operational executives in hospitality


  • Introduction

  • Introduction to Google Ads for Hospitality

  • Collaborating with Bloggers and Vloggers

  • Words that Work: Leveraging a Blog for SEO

  • Early-Stage Booking: Mastering Communication & Visibility

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Very useful! Love the content.

Jelle Brasser Jelle Brasser

Thank you Jelle, the team is glad you like the course!

Marc-Antoine Dlrdc Jelle Brasser