Advanced Strategies for Successful Hotel Management

This is 7-module course aims to provide a guide to understanding your target audience, setting competitive pricing, optimising sales, and outperforming the competition.


This course is perfect for: - Hotel owners and operators - Hospitality professionals in marketing and sales roles. - General Managers and Operational Managers - Students of and aspiring professionals in hospitality management.


  • Introduction

  • Tailoring Your Hospitality Strategy

  • Which room and to whom ?

  • Which price for which room ?

  • Navigating Channel Distribution for Target Segments

  • Gauge, Compare, and Optimise Your Hotel Performance

  • Understanding How your clients view Your Hotel

  • Gaining Insights to Outperform your competitors

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It is Simple and Friendly.

David Taiwo David Taiwo

Thank you David, yes, we try to keep things very actionable so that you can use the knowledge in your day to day life! Let us know I there is a specific topic you would like us to create a course about ! We are working on a few right now! 📖

Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can David Taiwo