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Our mission : 
help independent hoteliers

How ? Daily training sessions addressing common problems with practical solutions...

Training is only the beginning...

Our long-term goals is not only to train you so you can do incredibly well with your hotel. We are also going to host events and bring you together in an online community and a lot more besides.

We want you to smile, laugh, learn and return...

We've even got ourselves a studio - check it out!


Fostering Client Loyalty

Nothing is more important than retaining your customers, because acquiring a customer is about 5 times more expensive than bringing that customer back. Learn how to bring back travelers who already know you.

Hotel Revenue Management Made Easy

If you are wondering how to decide the price of your rooms, how to improve your occupancy rate or how to increase your average price, you will find all the answers in this training.

Ododo Accelerator

You can now take advantage of the Ododo Accelerator training completely free of charge, in order to increase the number of your direct bookings and reduce the amount of commissions you pay to OTAs.

Website Creation Preparation

The construction of a website is critical to your commercial strategy and there is a preparation phase through which it is of the imperative to pass. This training is a crib sheet to get you up to speed on all the elements you need.

Money, money, money!

First things first - let's get you wealthy. We've got a thoroughly researched course on Revenue Management - it's all the rage - that's easy to follow, tough not to benefit from and one click away.

And it's all for free! Get started below...


Always free, always practical, always useful! Keep informed about our newest courses by clicking below:


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Despite all indications there's more to life than work. Jokes? Banter? Shenanigans? Tomfoolery? Anyone?


So no one told you it was gonna rain today? A guest just choked, you're broke... We'll be there for you - coming soon!

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